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Todd Long as Dave in the movie Clinched

As Dave in Clinched

My Current Show

In The Lifespan of a Fact, I play John D'Agata, a talented writer with a transcendent essay about the suicide of a teenage boy--an essay that could save a prominent New York magazine from collapse--if Jim Fingal, a young fact checker, doesn't sink the essay with his unrelenting criticism. Come see their deadly serious but terrifically funny dispute on the ethics of factual accuracy vs. the power of literary truth. Santa Maria Civic Theatre April 22-May 8.

Image advertising "The Lifespan of a Fact" with Jude Walker, Danya Nunley, & Todd Long
Image of Todd Long as John D'Agata in The Lifespan of a Fact

As John D'Agata in The Lifespan of a Fact

The Skinny

My first career was in show business as a stage actor, director, and rock & roll musician. After decades away (and a detour through professional philosophy, which I still do and love), my talented daughter (Sophie Rhiannon Long) pulled me back to the stage and screen. In recent years, we've worked on several projects together, including Willy Wonka: The Musical and our latest, Trusting Chloe, a 17-time award-winning movie we co-wrote and perform in together.

I was fortunate to go through Barbara Sizemore's performing arts program (Warren Central H.S. in Vicksburg, Mississippi), Denise Halbach's fabulous Lendon Players (Hinds Community College), and the University of Southern Mississippi's theatre program, where I was trained by Larry Mullican, Bob Funk, Blaine Quarnstrom, and R.B. Hill. I'm thankful for the many wonderful directors and actors I've worked with over the years who've taught by example.

Trusting Chloe

Monkeysweat Productions presents Trusting Chloe, a comedy short (38:07) produced, directed, and co-written by Todd Long. Featuring Natalia Noriega, Todd Long, Sophie Rhiannon Long, Phineas Peters, Karen 'Kaz' Kahn, and Gregg Wolff, Trusting Chloe has been officially selected and screened at multiple film festivals, winning 17 awards and nominated for 3 others at festivals and film competitions. It will be on the film festival circuit through early 2022.

Billy Rome, a middle-age rock star, and Esperanza, his ardent Latina wife, learn the hard way how to manage a teen daughter and their wacky love life in a comedy set on California's central coast.

Movie poster of the movie Trusting Chloe

See the trailer, meet the actors & crew, and find out how Trusting Chloe came to life.

Press & Media

IndieEye Film Awards Review of Trusting Chloe (YouTube)

Cambria Film Festival Filmmaker Talk (Vimeo)

Image of Alan Fraser with Todd Long, Natalia Noriega, and Sophie Rhiannon Long

Film Awards

For Trusting Chloe

Best Actor Feature Film, Stockholm City Film Festival (December 2021)
Best Ensemble Cast - Short Film or Webisode, Silicon Beach Film Festival (October 2021)
Best First-Time Director, Naples Film Awards (May 2021)
Best Comedy, Paris Film Festival (April 2021)
Best Comedy Film, Sweden Film Awards (September 2021)
Best Feature Film, Stockholm City Film Festival (December 2021)
Best Web Series, IndieEye Film Awards (March 2021)
Web Series of the Year, IndieEye Film Awards (2021)
Silver Award: Web/TV Pilot, Hollywood Gold Awards (March 2021)
Award of Special Mention: TV-Pilot Program, Best Shorts Competition (June 2021)
Silver Award: Comedy Short, Spotlight Film Awards (2021)
Nominee: Best Comedy (Long Short), AltFF Alternative Film Festival (Fall 2021)

A list of all 17 film awards for Trusting Chloe is available on the official Trusting Chloe website.


Small headshot of Todd Long


Image of IMDb Pro card of Todd Long mentioning 11 film awards, 3 nominations, & 2 additional awards


Todd Long as Uncle Joe in Willy Wonka: The Musical

Uncle Joe in Willy Wonka: The Musical

Todd Long as Billy Rome in Trusting Chloe

Billy Rome in Trusting Chloe

Todd Long as Dave in the movie Clinched.

Dave in Clinched

Todd Long as King Arthur in Camelot

King Arthur in Camelot

Todd Long as Roy in Lone Star (1959 Pink Thunderbird)

Roy in Lone Star (1959 Pink Thunderbird)

Todd Long as Scapin in That Scoundrel Scapin

Scapin in That Scoundrel Scapin

Todd Long as Mr. DePinna in You Can't Take it With You

Mr. DePinna in You Can't Take it With You

Todd Long as Henry Lyppiatt in Present Laugter

Henry Lyppiatt in Present Laughter


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